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4 Important Signs Your Website Needs a Fresh Design

There’s always something special about new beginnings. And website redesign is quite the same!

Even if you’ve been doing great for years, at some stage, your website might look obsolete in terms of design, functionality, content, and user experience.

Your website is a true reflection of what you do as a business or a brand online. Not showcasing your polished identity online can result in potential customers leaving. But what are the signals that indicate your website’s exceptional performance and that you don’t need professional web design and development services once more? We’ll discuss some important ones in this blog.

So, read on and learn four important signs that compel you to redesign your website.

When You Need To Redesign Your Website?

In the online landscape, nothing lasts forever, especially website designs! Therefore, holding on to an outdated web design because it worked before isn’t a clever strategy.

Let’s learn a few really important indications that it’s time to redesign your website.

When You Need To Redesign Your Website?

It Looks Outdated

If your website gives a 90s vibe (not talking about Retro design trends) and functionality, it definitely needs a redesign. An old-fashioned website tells a lot about your business and can turn people off. That’s why we say LOOKS MATTER!

With an outdated web design, it’s really problematic to convince modern lads like Gen Z to trust your brand and accept you as an authentic leader of the industry. You can learn it with an easy example: no one likes to buy their groceries from an old retailer. Everyone likes innovation these days. So, be sure you look inventive and resourceful online with your web design.

Higher Bounce Rates

You have an online website to provide visitors with information that empowers them to contact you and buy your products or services. But what if it’s not fulfilling these characteristics? Think about it!

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who just pay a quick site visit and depart immediately. A high percentage of people leaving your website is a clear indication that there is surely something wrong. Your website might be difficult to navigate, look unprofessional, not provide enough information, or not engaging anymore. These problems are critical, and you should start thinking about redesigning your website.

A bounce rate lower than 40% or lower is considered to be good, while if your website’s bounce rate is above 60%, you need to think about your web pages.

Difficult Website Navigation

Website navigation is one of the most important elements that ensure your search engine success. It informs users where they are and where to go next.

Having disruption at any level of site navigation leads to confusion, frustration, and, ultimately, site abandonment. As a result, you will witness sales decline, decreased return customers, and high bounce rates.

However, planning flawless navigation design principles results in easy navigation of your website and a great user experience.

Your website Isn't Mobile-Friendly anymore!

No one denies the fact that we’re living in a mobile-driven world, where a considerable portion of decision-makers like to explore stuff from smartphones and tablets. In short, people nowadays browse websites on their smartphones.

Therefore, if your website isn’t mobile-optimized, you risk cutting off a large potential customer base. Mobile-unfriendly websites lead to a frustrating user experience, missed opportunities, and a negative brand perception.

Redesign Your Website Today from Kudos Cube

Understanding the signs for a website redesign is essential for maintaining a powerful online presence. Website redesign is more than making your website look better; it’s about converting search engine users to customers.

So, get in touch with Kudos Cube today and get a striking website redesign! Our web designers and developers make the best efforts to craft a web design that converts.