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How to Improve Your Website Speed

How to Improve Your Website Speed; The Best Digital Solutions Are Here

A poor website speed is not just bad for the user but also for your business. And the worst part is slow websites results in poor search engine rankings. So, it means that your website is going to rank much lower on the search engine results page, which results in fewer impressions, page views, less revenue, and less customer conversion.

This is the reason we’re here with this blog in order to let you know some ways through which you can speed up your website. So, read more and learn the top ways to improve the website speed to get good gains online.

Top Ways to Improve Website Speed

Here are the top ways you can use to improve the website speed.

Move Your Website to Good Hosting

Well, when it comes to hosting, there are three types which are shared, dedicated, and virtual private servers and the most popular hosting type is sharing.

It is the most affordable way to get your website upload quickly quite at a lower fee. It is important to go for the fast web host in order to ensure good site optimization. With the help of shared hosting, you share disk space, CPU, and RAM with other websites that also use the same server.

The dedicated and VPS are magnificently much faster than the shared hosting. It uses different servers to distribute the content. So, if you have average traffic, VPS is one of the best digital solutions for you. Furthermore, you can also use the dedicated server as your own physical server, but it is quite costly for small business websites.

Use a CDN

Another way is to minimize the distance the information travels from your server to the user. The best way to do this is to use a CDN.

A Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed server group that works in tandem in order to deliver web content quickly. It doesn’t matter if your site uses HTML, images, JavaScript, stylesheets, or videos; CDN is an excellent option to go for when you’re looking for ways to increase your website speed.

Optimize Images

When it comes to slow loading of websites, you can’t ignore the role of images. They take up most website resources in order to download, resulting in a long loading time for your website. In some examples, the images are too large to load, or sometimes; they are a lot in number. Sometimes, it is all about the format of the image. So, how can you reduce the file size of an image for better site loading speed? Have a look!

Ways to Optimize Images

Compression: Use different online tools to compress the images without disturbing the image quality.

Use the right format: Use the most popular image formats like JPEG and PNG for photos and graphic images, respectively.

Use CSS Sprites: Combine frequent images such as buttons and logos and do best practices to generate a single CSS code that loads all the images at once.

So, these are some of the ways by which you can easily optimize the images.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap! Don’t forget that the practice of improving the website speed is a continuous process, and you should know that you won’t see results in a day. Therefore, it is better to run a website audit to find and fix harms that affect the page speed.

If you’re struggling with website speed, contact the expert web development services team of Kudos Cube to get immediate assistance. We’re a team of professional web developers and technical experts who’re enriched with the best web solutions for every online business owner.