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When it comes to your website, technical SEO works like a lubricant that makes sure the constant and top performance of a website – helps it function flawlessly. There are many technical issues; which degrade the performance of the site. To fix these issues, you need a top professional SEO consultant. And Kudos Cube has a team of professional technical SEO experts who know how to cope with poorly functioning websites.

So, if your website is not doing good on a search engine, we’re here to help! Our technical SEO specialists have the ability to completely manage your website’s search engine setup.

What Is Technical SEO, And Why Do You Need the Best Technical SEO Service?

Technical SEO is the method to find and fix all the on-site technical elements of a website to increase its organic visibility in search engines. This involves on-page SEO services where we set up your website in a way that makes it easy for search engine crawlers to read it nicely and to make an architecture that ensures a seamless user experience.

Technical SEO Service Is a Must, Not an Option!

A website’s backend dealings are technical SEO, and it is not a good practice to exclude it! Technical SEO deals with the overall structure of the website, the speed, and the security. It prepares a site efficiently for search engines.

Without the best technical SEO strategy, all your SEO efforts will be of no use. This is why it is better to get in touch with a technical SEO audit service to find technical site issues and fix them. The right technical SEO tactic is needed to:

  • Make your website highly secure
  • Offer a better on-site user experience
  • Make your site easy for Google to index, crawl and rank.
  • Ensure a fast-loading site speed.
  • Remove 404 pages and broken links from your website
  • Lay out a search engine-compatible URL structure

There are a lot of other aspects that you can make better with professional technical SEO services. The above-mentioned things are a must-have for a website’s good performance. Missing out on any aspect can damage SEO efforts. Therefore, it is better not to ignore technical SEO when it comes to the performance of your website.  

Technical SEO Solutions and Technical SEO Audit for Your Website

Technical SEO experts can really help you in the best way to examine and correct each and every technical issue within your website by running a technical SEO audit on your site in order to determine areas where they need to work to improve your SEO game. And when your website is optimized in the right way, you will get good results. In our technical SEO services, you will get:

Analysis of Backlinks

It will not be a good thing if we do not add backlink analysis to our technical SEO solutions. Backlink analysis is highly essential for every type of website. Your business website might have scores of backlinks even if you’ve been in the online realm for a little while. But the thing to note here is whether the backlinks are natural or you bought them from some service provider, and you also have to look at whether these backlinks are relevant, how they are performing for your website, and if it has increased spam score that can hurt your website.

These are some of the things that backlink analysis helps you to figure out. And our professional technical SEO gurus know pretty well how to do it in the right manner.

Analysis of Backlinks
Robot.Txt Optimization

Robot.txt Optimization

At Kudos Cube, we see the robots.txt file as a critical signal for search engine bots. This is why our technical SEO services team optimizes this file in order to ensure that search engine bots crawl your website efficiently. We’ll analyze your site, diagnose issues, and make necessary changes to make sure that your web pages get indexed, helping you accomplish your search engine goals. With Kudos Cube, you can rest easy knowing that your site is perfectly optimized for maximum search engine performance.

Google Search Console Analysis

We are highly specialized in fixing Google Search Console issues, which include crawl errors, indexing issues, etc.; we work closely with our clients in order to diagnose and fix issues that hold their websites back from achieving search engine success. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing issues with indexing, crawling, or mobile optimization; we know how to cope with it and will help you to get your site fully indexed by search engines.

Google Search Console Optimization
Crawl Analysis

Crawl Analysis

The crawl analysis report shows how Google has crawled your website and detected any issues it encountered. It helps you optimize your website for search engines by identifying frequently crawled pages and errors that need fixing. We use it to enhance your website’s performance and search engine ranking.

Sitemap Issues

One of our key areas of expertise is the optimization of sitemaps, where we ensure that the sitemap of your website is structured in a way that is both search engine and user-friendly. When you leverage our technical knowledge and creative problem-solving tactics, we help you fully to identify and resolve issues related to your website’s sitemap, ultimately enhancing the search engine ranking of your website and user experience.

Sitemap Issues
Core Web Vitals Issues

Core Web Vitals Issues

Looking to transform your website into lightning-fast, amazingly responsive, and visually stable? Look no further other than Kudos Cube. Our team of experts is specialized in optimizing core web vitals, so you can provide your online visitors with an exceptional browsing experience.

From slow loading speed to unresponsive pages and layout shifts, we’re at your back! Contact us today to learn more about how we fix such issues.

Metadata Analysis

Metadata analysis is highly essential for a website’s ranking success. It analyzes character counts and SEO keyword usage in order to ensure that the website meets the requirements. With this data-driven approach, you can optimize your site’s metadata and increase your visibility to potential online visitors.

Metadata Analysis

Image Optimization

Large images are a setback to your website performance as it slows down the loading of web pages. This is one of the things that drives away page users. When it comes to e-commerce websites, these sites mostly have images or visual content, which increases the load time. But we know how to deal with it. With our ecommerce technical SEO services, we select the right file format, reduce the image size, utilize image sitemaps, and optimize alt attributes in order to reduce page load time. 

Structured Data Markup Optimization

Structured data markup is a kind of metatag that showcase search engine the content of your website. A technical SEO specialist adds structured data markup to your website, which eases your way to get a significant increase in organic search traffic. Once you start getting good traffic from a search engine, then you will have the opportunity to turn those visitors into potential customers. We test and then fix your schema markup errors accordingly.

Structured Data Markup
Mobile Performance

Mobile Performance

Mobile optimization is crucial for the success of a website, as most people use their mobile devices to go online. And our technical SEO services can help your website achieve its full potential on mobile devices! We ensure fast load times, easy navigation, and an exceptional user experience. So, let us help you unlock your website’s potential on mobile devices.

Website Migration

A website migration is when significant changes are made to a website that can directly impact its search engine’s visibility, such as moving to a new location or platform. It’s essential to get in touch with an experienced SEO team in order to ensure a successful migration without the fear of hurting your search engine rankings.

Website Speed optimization

Speed Optimization

Mobile optimization is crucial for the success of a website, as most people use their mobile devices to go online. And our technical SEO services can help your website achieve its full potential on mobile devices! We ensure fast load times, easy navigation, and an exceptional user experience. So, let us help you unlock your website’s potential on mobile devices.

Why Kudos Cube as Top Technical SEO Agency?

In-Detailed Technical SEO Audit

You will continue to get disappointed with SEO unless you leverage an in-depth technical SEO audit service. We conduct a complete website audit for your website’s technical SEO, backlink profile, paid campaign, and conversion rate optimization, figuring out loopholes and the perfect solutions for successful growth.

Full-Scale SEO Solutions

We’re not just limited to technical SEO services; we’re a full-scale SEO services agency that knows how to set a strong foundation for your website. We craft strategies to make it user-friendly and transform it into a go-to place for your audience. Our team promises to bring you close to your online customers.

Top-Notch Technical SEO Teams

We guarantee you excellence, professionalism, dedication, commitment, and performance-driven results at Kudos Cube. Our in-house technical SEO team has years of experience and great expertise in developing killer SEO strategies that strengthen your website’s position.

Ready To Meet the Best Technical SEO Consultant? Give Us a Bell Now!

The digital world is changing at a rapid pace as now people have many options to decide and make purchases. If your business website is not at the top of the chart and you are not leveraging digital marketing services properly, your competitors will take over. But with Kudos Cube, you now have more opportunities to take the lead.

Being a professional technical SEO services firm, we’ll eradicate all the hurdles between your business and its targeted audience. We guarantee you drastic growth in the online visibility of your website and outcome-oriented search engine results. So, contact us now and level up your SEO game.