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Elon Musk’s AI Company, xAI, Releases Its First Chatbot, Grok, to Combat ChatGPT and others

After conquering the space industry, Elon Musk isn’t looking to roll down his sleeves to monopolize the world of AI.

On Saturday, November 4, Elon Musk’s new AI Enterprise, xAI, launched its first AI product, ‘Grok,’ which has real-time knowledge of the world through the previously known Twitter, the X platform, which gives it a massive advantage over other AI models, according to xAI’s team.

Grok takes inspiration from ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ claimed xAI; thus, it has a bit of wit and, unlike other AI systems, will answer spicy questions for sure!

The Tesla, Space X Boss’ Reaction on Grok

The world’s richest person, Elon Musk, renowned for his often quick-witted and sometimes controversial thoughts, bought Twitter, now X, in 2022. Since then, the platform has faced a significant loss in revenue as a number of advertisers stepped back to spending because of concerns over content moderation. Musk was looking for ways to bring more engagement and sales to his platform, and after a year and a half, his AI venture, xAI, launched Grok to cope with the other AI models like ChatGPT, Bard, etc.,

X’s boss seems satisfied with the xAI’s team and Gork’s performance till now, saying that it’s currently the best in the market; he mentioned, “In some important respects, it (xAI’s new model) is the best that currently exists.” This shows the high level of confidence and trust of Elon Musk in his new AI product and its potential.

Since the news of Grok’s launch breakout, Elon Musk and X started trending everywhere with some promotional tweets, we can say!

In one of his tweets, Musk said: “It is also based and loves sarcasm.” he posted a screenshot of a query he made regarding any news about Sam Bankman-Fried. He posted another screenshot showing the accuracy comparison in the results of Grok and typical GPT. And if we talk about its humorous side, Elon Musk asked Grok “how to make cocaine, step by step,” on which the chatbot gave a short but humorous guide. Though it’s good for fun, how it will respond to sensitive issues is still unclear.

The Team Behind Grok

Elon Musk founded xAI in March 2023 with a team of ex-employees of AI goliaths like DeepMind, OpenAI, and others. But, they are still looking for more brainiacs who can create more advanced AI solutions.

The developers of Grok also admitted that this product has only two months of training before launch. Therefore, there is no doubt that users will surely face problems when they start experimenting with it in the early stages. However, the users won’t have to worry about security concerns as the team has ensured the implementation of more safety measures with time so that no one can use Grok maliciously.

Who Can Access Grok?

The xAI team claims that “Grok is still a very early Beta product” as they just launched it with two months of training, so there must be a lot of improvement Grok will go through in the future.

Once Grok is evacuated from the early beta phase, the AI model will be available to all X Premium+ subscribers. Recently, the platform announced two subscription plans – a $16 monthly Premium offer with an ad-free experience and features Grok and a monthly basic tier costing $3.

So, right now, Grok AI is only available to users in xAI’s initial access program, and the general public is still waiting to check it out.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, there is a serious debate going on between top AI and Tech experts. Some are afraid of the advancement of AI in the real world, while some appreciate the advanced digital solutions AI has provided.

The world’s richest man is undoubtedly a tech enthusiast as well, and his platform X is still looking for other productive ways to generate money. xAI has successfully launched its first AI model, and on the other hand, they are also finding buyers for inactive user handles, with a flat fee of $50,000, according to Forbes.

With all the news related to X, xAI, and Elon Musk making rounds in every social and digital realm, it’s not sure how AI will address issues, but from the looks of trends, the race to dominate the AI space will not stop in the future!