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Animated Videos Will Boost Your Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Why Using Animated Videos Will Boost Your Facebook and Instagram Marketing?

It’s been years now since the launch of Instagram and Facebook. Who would have thought there would be a time when brands would use these social media platforms to find customers and increase sales?

Today, social media platforms hold a significant position in the digital marketing services realm, as 77% of businesses are utilizing social media to connect with more customers. These statistics clearly indicate the power of social media in the business world.

But what’s the best way to ensure your brand’s social media posts get more engagement? It’s social media animation! Facebook and Instagram allow the posting of video content through reels, story ads, posts, etc., and do you know why? All because users love to see video content, nothing else! This is where businesses started investing in video animation services to get creative promotional and marketing animations.

How Posting Animated Content on Facebook and Instagram Can Boost Your Marketing Campaigns?

Here’s how animated videos benefit your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns.

Instagram Ads Are Mostly Videos for a Reason

Many professional marketers talk about the dominance of animations on Facebook and Instagram. The reason for this isn’t because animations are in trend nowadays but because they have the ability to produce more clicks, engagement, and sales for advertisers.

Customers today are mostly Gen Z, who prefer to see various types of video content to learn more about products and services. Moreover, they also love to see product unboxing videos and video summaries as well and prefer to watch videos over text when given the option.

Describe Your Content More Budget-friendly

Creating video animations is way less expensive than producing live footage. The best return on investment for content is specified by animated content by scores of marketing gurus worldwide. Since live-action video production needs a lot of preparation, including recording equipment, performers, a spokesman, and many more, all these requirements made it too expensive. On the other hand, animated social media posts only need a little bit of creativity and killer video animation software.


Because of the engaging storytelling and lasting characters, video animations are now considered one of the most effective digital solutions that help your customers to know your product and service in detail.

It Can Help Your Posts Go Viral

The greatest reason for posting animated content is that people love to see animations and make them go viral. If your brand video animations are creative, they can engage your viewers and hit an emotional chord with them. It is much more likely that they will end up sharing your animations with their network.

While the achievements of your viral animated video campaigns can mostly be based on luck, studies on viral motivational story animations show that people love sharing such animations because it assists them in connecting with other people.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, many reasons make you consider using animations for your Instagram and Facebook marketing. To some extent, it’s true that videos or animations do not make up the majority of your marketing or promotional content. Still, you would miss countless opportunities by not adding them to your Facebook and Instagram content plan.

Animated Videos aren’t about creating childish content; they add a creative yet funny touch. And this is what makes animations stand out! If you need assistance, we’re here with our digital marketing services and professional animators. Get in touch with Kudos Cube today!