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Graphic Design Trends In 2023

5 Best Graphic Design Trends 2023

As we’re in the second month of 2023, we can expect to see several new graphic design trends emerge in the upcoming months. Many of these trends are the ones that performed well in the past years, while some are absolutely new and inventive. Well, one thing is for sure – the graphic design space is constantly evolving with more digital solutions, compelling designers to look for new ways each day in order to create lasting designs. 

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the best graphic design trends in 2023, so you can make the most out of the popular design trends.

So, let’s dive into the graphic design trends in 2023.

5 Biggest Graphic Design Trends in 2023 You Should Know

Here are the top 5 graphic design trends in 2023 that will surely attract work for you.


Lots of giant brands have leveraged minimalism in order to convey emotions with simplicity and sophistication. But a more creative form of minimalism has the ability to produce various design effects such as bright, vibrant, and optimistic. This bold form of minimalism has redefined its black-and-white conventions and is becoming a powerful trend today.

90s Nostalgia Aesthetic

It’s time to make the most out of the 90s graphic design inspiration that has not ever truly gone out of style. It was the nostalgia that 90s kids hold onto, and Gen Z’s craze for this design trend is enabling it to click with a sizable crowd this year as well.

Retro text, funky neon with dark backgrounds, cyberpunk motifs, and blurred lines between 90s nostalgia and the Y2K mania are the graphic design elements that make the audience warm. Undoubtedly, no one has ever thought that the stuff from the 90s would become popular again in 2023.


In the context of graphic design, mysticism embraces iconography related to divination and astrology, illustrations of mystical creatures, and dark nighttime environments. This graphic trend draws heavily on popular symbolism, which includes all-seeing eyes, zodiac signs, lotus flowers and sacred geometry.

Mystical designs use a muted, dark, calming color palette and are designed with fine lines and organic curves that look and feel soft and delicate. All these compelling elements draw attention to the trend and plunge the viewers into the mystery of mystical ideas.

Expressive 3D

The increased use of advanced digital tools for graphic design, including artificial intelligence, has fueled the constant search for novel ways in order to incorporate 3D in art. A distinct trend here is the emphasis on the latest expressionism, where whimsical shapes come out of the screen that grabs the attention and feels just by the collar.

Vague shapes with disturbing design themes are a staple of the movement of expressive 3D and can be equally used to jar the senses. Well, it’s all up to the artist behind the art.

Serif Fonts

Serif fonts make an amazing comeback as a popular graphic design trends in 2023. After minimalist designs, we are witnessing a return to more classic design elements that leads to a touch of elegance in your designs.

Serif fonts are mostly used for logos, branding materials and many other top-tier design projects. The graphic design realm also comes across non-traditional serif fonts that include fun ascenders and descenders; that is enough to make this robust font stand tall among the crowd.

Wrapping Up

So, it’s a wrap-up! And we think that is enough for you to get a complete picture of where the graphic design industry is heading. One thing to note here is that no trend is more popular than another – each business and graphic designer have different needs and preferences to follow trends in their designs.

Therefore, if you’re looking to know more about graphic design trends in 2023 and which will work outstanding for your business, contact us and have a chat with our graphic design services team.