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2D-Vs-3D Animated Videos

2D Animated Videos Vs 3D Animated Videos; Which One’s Better?

Do you remember the mornings when we used to stick to our TV screens for hours to watch our favorite characters and cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, or Bugs Bunny?

These were the most liked shows of that time, with the content that brought smiles to our faces. It is always satisfying watching favorite cartoons and animations. At some point, we all used to imitate our favorite characters, assuming them to be our heroes or best friend!

Today, businesses are getting 2D and 3D video animations from web solutions companies, showing compelling stories of their brands with their self-made characters. And you know what, the response and feedback are still the same as before!

In this blog, we’ll discuss 2D and 3D video animations in detail to let you know which works best for your brand in this modern age. But before we dive more into the topic, let’s start with the basic definition of both types of animations.

What is 2D Animation?

When we talk about 2D Animation, it is one of the most traditional animations. Almost every TV show has used a 2D environment in the making of it. But when it comes to the latest 2D animated videos, they are hand-drawn or digitally created with software.

Whether it is a sketch sheet or software, the creation process of both cases is the same and happens in a 2-dimensional animated environment.

It looks like a flat image with the intimate movement of characters and related objects. All the characters and objects are measured with the height and width, depth effect, and coming into creative visuals with the help of flat shades and perspectives.

2D animated videos focus deeply on storyboards, characters, and backgrounds. Therefore, it needs a lot of technicalities and innovative solutions in order to get a first-class animation.

Types of 2D Animated Videos

There are three most common types of 2D animation videos that benefit different industries. People are making the most out of these animated video types to grab the audience’s attention.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are animations created from vector illustrations with the help of software. It adds depth to the story with music in the background.

Hand-Drawn Animations

These are related to traditional cartoons in which each character or scene is drawn frame-by-frame. It is a complicated process that is free to use in commercials or personal projects.


It is a video style designed in such a way that it looks like the content is hand-drawn on a whiteboard. Many brands are using whiteboard animation to spread awareness about everything going viral. 

What is 3D Animation?

The 3-dimensional animated videos with accurate measurements of height, depth, and width are termed 3D animation videos. These are realistic, the present, and surely the future of the animation world.

Though making 3D animated videos is extremely complicated, if you’re looking for a hyper-realistic environment, compelling characters, and real objects, there is nothing better than 3D animations.

All present-day cartoons use 3D animations, delivering top-notch graphics and high-quality animated videos. 3D video animations can be created with software like Cinema 4D, Maya, Autodesk, etc.,

It is like a filmmaking process, moving light and camera to capture shots. Toy Story, Kung Fu Panda, Despicable Me, Shrek, and Madagascar, are all the finest examples of 3D animated videos.

Types of 3D Animated Videos

3D video animations come in three types and serve many brands, businesses, and filmmakers in the best way. All these 3D animated video types deliver top-quality results in terms of graphics and pixels.

Digital 3D Video

This graphic technique uses motion to bring props, objects, and characters to life with no interactive element.

Interactive 3D

Like in video games and AR, interactive 3D animations enable users to take a third-person perspective and manipulate several objects within 3D surroundings. It is mainly used in character animation cartoons, movies, and TV

Virtual Reality 3D

Virtual reality is the most complicated 3D animation form in which users enter a virtual world. Video animators can now use VR tools to rig characters and make animated keyframes in three dimensions. It also enables them to integrate 3600 videos.

So, 2D or 3D Video Animations? Which One do You Want to Use?

We’re sure you like both, and honestly, there’s no easy answer to this question. Deciding which works the best for your business, depends on your business needs, plus the experience of a video animator, professionalism, and creativity.

Both 2D and 3D styles work best for explainer videos, promotional content, advertising, and educating the audience. Though 3D Animation offers more perks compared to 2D animations, these are costly and require detailed attention.

3D Animation asks for a number of interactions and involvements and takes more time to produce. But the result is always amazing since 3D animated videos give a more realistic experience.

Wrapping Up

The video animation process is complex and involves several steps, such as scriptwriting, illustrations, storyboarding, video animation, sounds, and voiceover. But once it’s done, it can work for decades, like popular cartoons and animations of the 50s and 60s.

This blog discusses 2D and 3D video animations in detail, so now, If you want one, look no further. Contact our video animation production team and get what you want! We welcome every business, brand, and professional at Kudos Cube.